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Why Parent Coaching?

PARENT COACHING? Why parent coaching?

By Dawn Bentley-Meehan

We’ve heard the saying: “Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual.”  I disagree.  There are thousands of books, theories and articles on parenting. Which one is right for you and your child?  Children are all unique and parents are too.  Finding the technique that works for you and your family with life-long results and no collateral damage may require some outside assistance. There are many people who can give you insight on how to raise your children.  Some of them are invaluable, others… not so much.  Parent coaching is a resource that is available when you have nowhere else to turn.

Here are some reasons why you may want to hire a parenting coach.

  • Stress at home is very high and nothing is working to solve the problem.
  • Your time is limited or have no energy to research parenting skills.
  • Juggling work and home demands seems impossible.
  • You’re a single parent who needs strategies for routine challenges.
  • Co-Parenting is having a negative effect on the family.
  • Any other problem that may be taking up the time you want to use creating joy filled memories.
  • The sooner you have the tools that work for you and your children, the sooner you can enjoy time with your kids.

If you find yourself at wit’s end and in need of answers, reach out to me.  I’m nonjudgmental, ready to listen, and can offer my knowledge, skills-based strategies and experience.  Life will be better.  I promise you.