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Are you struggling with a parental challenge?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m so overwhelmed?
  • My child is out of control!!!
  • I just need a few minutes to myself!!!
  • My child won’t listen!
  • I’m exhausted!
  • I’ve tried everything, nothing works.
  • I’m sick of yelling, and my kids crying.
  • Something has to change, but What? How?
    Nothing is working!
  • Is this normal behavior?
  • When do I get to enjoy my kids?
Mother with Child

You are not alone! You can break the cycle.

About Dawn Bentley-Meehan | Parent Coach

I work with parents who are ready to make positive changes in their family.  Dedicated Moms and Dads work with me to clarify specific parenting goals, create and implement concrete action steps to make those dreams a reality.

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